How Can You Find Answers When Using Compass Odyssey?

CompassLearning's Odyssey program automatically provides answers to problems as you work through the material. The program's individualized learning path technology also provides custom solutions depending on your particular strengths and weaknesses. Teachers also receive individual data for each student to provide custom remedial solutions.

You need a CompassLearning Odyssey account with login information to access problem answers. Access your account by clicking the Log In link at the top-right corner of the website. Next, choose the Odyssey button from among the program options. The login page prompts you for your user name and password, and it requires you to provide your school name. Click the Log In button to access the program and program answers, or click the Support link or Forgot Password link if you need login assistance.

Upon beginning the program, Odyssey first requires you to take a pretest to determine your skill level, and it adapts the successive material on your test results. Purpose-built solutions provide guidance on answers as you progress through the material. Because many answers base themselves on the program's adaptive technology, you need to actually complete the problems to view the answers, which means there are no ready-made answers available prior to completing many of the problems.