How Can You Get Answers to Questions About Texas Probate Laws?


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For answers to basic questions about Texas probate laws, peruse the Texas probate overview at Nolo.com, reports Nolo. For answers to questions on specific legal points concerning Texas probate, find legal counsel through the lists of free legal hotlines or legal assistance organizations at SLL.Texas.gov, advises the Texas State Law Library.

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Texas has simple probate laws compared to other states, points out Nolo. Assets that do not need probate before distribution include the proceeds of life insurance policies, annuity survivor's benefits, bank accounts payable on death and property with right of survivorship. If the will stipulates, Texas executors can request independent administration of estates, which precludes court involvement in many aspects of estate settlement. The muniment of title process allows estates to transfer assets without court administration if the estate has no Medicaid debts or other debts other than real estate. As of 2015, small estates with assets under $50,000 can avoid probate completely and distribute assets with an affidavit.

If an individual needs specific legal advice, he should call lawyer referral services or bar associations that offer free telephone hotlines at scheduled times throughout the month, explains the Texas State Law Library. Legal assistance organizations offer pro bono legal help to low-income people, immigrants or otherwise disadvantaged persons.

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