Where Can You Find Amish-Built Log Homes?


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There is a variety of different websites selling Amish-built log cabins and cabin kits that allow shoppers to construct an Amish-built log cabin in any location, including those that are not necessarily located near an Amish community. There are owners of Amish-built log cabins and homes in many different states, including Alabama, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee, states the Amish Cabin Company. This particular company has a website that sells pre-built modular log cabins or cabin kits, all of which is made with authentic Amish labor performed by an Amish community in Kentucky.

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Amish log cabins may be made or assembled all or in part with Amish labor. Some companies use Amish-milled logs to construct cabins, as stated on the Meadowlark Log Homes website. Other companies sell cabins that have not only logs, but also details, such as cabinetry that is made by workers living in Amish communities and living within the Amish faith.

These cabins are available in a variety of different styles and sizes. Some of the cabins have a rustic look with log walls that showcase the natural color and shape of the lumber. Others are stylized to look a bit more modern, with flat plank lumber walls and painted siding.

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