Where Can You Find Allis Chalmers Parts Diagrams?

Find Allis Chalmers parts diagrams at YesterdaysTractors.com, AGCOPartsBooks.com, SteinerTractor.com, SimpleTractors.com and JacksSmallEngines.com. YesterdaysTractors.com, an online tractor parts supplier, sells the I&T Aftermarket Shop Manual for the Allis Chalmers B, G, RC, WC and WD models, as of 2015. Each manual includes diagrams to aid owners with tractor repair.

AGCOPartsBooks.com offers free online parts diagrams, including images of the gasket kit for an Allis Chalmers 160 tractor engine assembly. Other diagrams for 160 tractor parts include the cylinder block, pistons and crankshaft, and timing gear cover. The site supports a number of Allis Chalmers models, including the 160, 170, 180/185, 190 and 200. Highlight different parts of these diagrams by clicking through a list of components, such as the short block assembly and cylinder head of the gasket assembly.

SteinerTractor.com sells service manuals for a number of Allis Chalmers tractors, including B/C, WC and G. It offers the I&T Shop Service Manual, which includes information for the gas and diesel D19 and the Series I and II D21 models. This manual contains wiring diagrams for the D19 gas and diesel tractors and the 180, 185, and 190 models.

SimpleTractors.com provides free parts diagrams for Allis Chalmers loaders, rotary tillers and snowthrowers. Diagrams on the site include a rare sleeve hitch adapter and a grader blade. The site lists part numbers beside each labeled diagram, along with basic descriptions of each part. It directs users to purchase owner's manuals for Allis Chalmers from Simplicity Manufacturing.

JacksSmallEngines.com enables users to search for diagrams by model number; available diagrams include a three-point hitch, muffler and axle.