How Can You Get Free Air Conditioning?


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Low-income households may qualify for subsidies to cover the cost of air conditioning through the LIHEAP program. These programs are administered by local governments and do not always provide funds for purchasing new air conditioners, but local charity programs sometimes make these available to vulnerable populations.

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LIHEAP is federally funded, but the funds are allocated to state and tribal governments who administer the programs and may have differing rules about eligibility and how the money can be used. The program generally focuses on helping participants to pay their energy bills rather than buying new equipment, but repair or replacement of existing equipment is possible. LIHEAP assistance is generally made available to low-income households that have high energy burdens or that have people in them who are particularly vulnerable to health issues from exposure to heat and cold.

If an actual air conditioner is not already present in the household, it may be possible to find a local charity that can provide one if LIHEAP can not assist with that. These programs often require that recipients of air conditioners be able to demonstrate that their income is low and that they have health conditions that can be complicated by heat exposure.

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