What can you do with an agribusiness management degree?


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A degree in agricultural business management provides a variety of career options in the agricultural industry, such as business manager, financial analyst and livestock or commodities broker. An agricultural business management degree provides job opportunities at financial institutions, in government, education and natural resources management.

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Private industry provides employment opportunities for agricultural business management graduates, such as in biofuel companies and firms selling food products, livestock, pesticides, seed and farm machinery. Additionally, other jobs for program graduates include production supervisor, sales associate, lobbyist, compliance analyst, loans officer, agribusiness consultant, farming program manager or agricultural inspector.

Many colleges and universities offer associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs in agricultural business management. An agricultural business management degree is a diverse academic discipline that teaches students to make informed decisions regarding marketing, personnel and production. Academic programs in agricultural business management teach the application of business fundamentals such as management, accounting and marketing, to areas such as biotechnology, natural resources management and food systems.

Degree programs in agricultural business management generally include agricultural science and technological courses that teach how advances in these areas impact the farming industry. The program also teaches business practices for improving the farm industry. Courses topics may include economics, pricing, sales, computers, soil conservation, animal science, agricultural marketplaces, entrepreneurship and ethics.

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