Where Can You Find an Agenda Format Template?


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Agenda format templates can be found online at sites like MeetingKing, Sample Templates, and Free Word Templates. Many word processing programs such as Microsoft Office have built-in meeting agenda templates..

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Meeting agendas are an important part of organizing a meeting. These documents provide an outline of topics to be discussed and help keep the meeting on course.

Without an agenda, a meeting can quickly become unproductive as attendees switch back and forth between subjects without any clear direction, lose focus and become disengaged. Additionally, attendees at meetings without an agenda are not prepared for the meeting. Topics that arise and need to be addressed may be left by the wayside due to inadequate preparation. Attendees without an agenda do not have adequate time to consider the topics discussed and formulate their questions. This can lead to topics being left unresolved.

Agendas also provide attendees and presenters a chance to review the discussions after the meeting. Having a list of topics helps attendees recall what was discussed and provide feedback, and it encourages participants to attend future meetings.

Meeting agendas also provide a documented record of what was discussed at the meeting. Handwritten notes during the meeting can be assembled with the agenda and filed for future reference.

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