Where Can an African American High School Senior Find a Part-Time Job?


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Great part-time jobs for African American high school seniors include pizza delivery, packing and moving services, animal shelter workers, babysitting and retail sales. Students who are able to invest more time in a skill can earn more money through Web design and coding. Tutoring other students is another option.

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Babysitting is one of the best part time jobs available for students, especially if the student is CPR-certified. Many times this job pays more than $12 per hour, as of 2015, a rate that is hard to find in other part-time positions.

Lawn care or landscaping are two related jobs which also pay well above minimum wage. Landscapers are often willing to hire high school students on a part-time basis. This job also allows the student to stay outside and active, as well as set his own hours.

Pizza delivery is perfect for teenagers who have a car. This job also earns above minimum wage thanks to tips. The job also offers a great deal of autonomy, something most teenagers value.

A part-time job for any senior high school student must be less demanding and time-consuming than a full-time job, so that the student's grades and potential test scores don't drop.

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