Where Can You Find Affordable Boarding Rooms for Rent?


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There are websites specifically set up for the purpose of connecting boarders with people renting out rooms, and they're getting increasingly user-friendly, according to the Los Angeles Times. One is roomster.com. The "sharing economy" has encouraged many new sites to form, according to Fast Company, such as spareroom.com and flipkey.com.

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In a difficult economy, providing cheap boarding options in one's home is beneficial for both the property owners and boarders, according to Danielle Sacks of Fast Company. Many websites have been appearing that are meant to help foster the cheap renting of rooms. The biggest issue for everyone is trust, she adds. However, most sites have features to help both renters and boarders establish and prove their identities.

Airbnb.com is currently the world's most popular room-renting website, and it originally started as an answer to the demand for cheap boarding in people's homes, Sacks noted.

There are ever-evolving sites and apps available that can cull through rental ads on major sites such as Craigslist to help people in large metropolitan areas find rooming situations that fit their parameters, according to Mashable. One such site is padmapper.com. People who use the app can enter their general location preferences and price ranges. It has a room-finding feature in addition to its apartment-finding features.

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