How Can You Advertise Online for Free?

How Can You Advertise Online for Free?

There are several ways of advertising a business online for free and these include registering and submitting the business website to free online directories and yellow pages, posting on free online classifieds and creating blogs. Other ways of giving a business free online exposure include podcasting, creating mailing lists and giving away free coupons or samples, notes the Verio website.

One of the simple ways to make a business more visible online is by optimizing its website on search engines. This basically means strategically inserting keywords on the website text and the HTML meta tags to make it appear on top and more frequently on the search results of potential customers, states the Verio website.

The following are some of the free ways to advertise a business online.

  • Directories and yellow pages
  • Register and submit the business name and contact details on every free online directories, specialty listings and yellow page possible.

  • Online classifieds
  • Post the details of the business and the products or services that it offers in online free classified sites.

  • Blog
  • Creating a blog on free blog hosting sites is one simple way of making people aware about a business.

  • Podcasting
  • Audio files detailing the nature of the business can be posted the business website, as well as on the iTunes store for free.

  • Mailing list
  • Collect e-mail addresses from clients and send emails about new products, services or promos. The clients may forward the emails to friends and families.

  • Giveaways
  • Offer giveaways and coupons on sites such as or on the free classified ads website.