How Can You Advertise for Babysitting?

How Can You Advertise for Babysitting?

How Can You Advertise for Babysitting?

As a babysitting business is a local venture, your best bet for advertising is through word of mouth or fliers. A simple website can also do wonders for your exposure.

  1. Distribute fliers and advertisements

    Create a simple flier that you can distribute throughout your neighborhood and local area. Keep it simple, and add power words such as "trusting," "reliable" and "experienced." Include simple graphics to attract parents to the advertisements. Make sure that your contact information is clearly listed on the flier. Always keep an eye out for additional places where you can advertise or distribute the fliers; school events, bulletin boards or community events are good places to start. Make sure you have permission before you post fliers in a new location.

  2. Increase your Internet presence

    Create a profile on babysitting websites. Consider creating or hiring someone to develop a simple website for your business. The website should target keywords related to babysitting in your local area. Add some babysitting articles to the website if you need additional content.

  3. Use word of mouth

    Tell all your friends and family that you are starting a babysitting business, and provide them with your contact information and website address to give to any potential customers.