How Can You Add Someone to the Property Deed?


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In order to add someone to a property deed, the basic legal proceedings would include a recorder adding someone to a deed and making it official. However, this is the most basic way and not always the best.

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Adding someone to a property deed is actually simple, but it could include a lot of paperwork. Adding someone to a property deed while the original owner is still paying a mortgage could actually violate previous terms of the mortgage, according to Roberts & Roberts Law Firm. Sometimes, there are clauses stating that if the person on the mortgage attempts to gain any interest on the property before the mortgage is up, the entire amount left to be paid is due immediately.

In order to add someone to a property deed, the first thing to do is ensure there are no legal causes that could start problems or cause issues in the long run by adding someone to the deed. If the property is completely owned and no payments due, then the owner can simply go to the recording office and have someone added to the property deed. If there is a mortgage or loan being paid for the property, then the owner has to consult with the lender about adding someone to the deed. Sometimes, the lender will consent and, sometimes, they will refuse. If the lender refuses, the best thing to do is to look for another lender to take over the loan.

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