How Can You Add Your Company to a Free Directory Listing?

To add a company to a free directory listing, first search the database to make sure a listing does not already exist. If it does, claim it; if not, add a new one. Fill out the profile, including a description of the services the business provides, operation hours and contact information. Photographs can be added. Verify the listing by complying with the directory's standards; some, like Bing, require a PIN number to be sent to a valid business email address.

Google offers a free business directory that includes a listing on Google Maps. Customers have the option of posting reviews on the Google+ page. While these listings are only available to those with Gmail accounts, they are well worth it; Google is the world's top ranking search engine, topping out around six billion searches every day.

Yelp is the best-known Internet review database. It is free to register a business in this directory and include contact information, service descriptions and hours. A Yelp account allows business owners to message customers who leave reviews, whether negative or positive, to extend gratitude or attempt to work out issues. It also allows business owners to offer exclusive deals to Yelp users.

If a free directory listing that does not require interaction is sought, the online Yellow Pages are an option. Its interface is clean and organized, and there is the option to upgrade to paid services that allow for advertisement.