How Can You Access Your TSP Account?


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The TSP account can be accessed by entering the User ID or TSP account number and the Web password on the official website, states Thrift Savings Plan. This enables the account holder to view the information in the account and carry out transactions.

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On the official website of Thrift Savings Plan, the TSP account number or User ID and the Web password are to be entered in the blocks given, reports Military.com. Pressing the 'log in' button allows the account holder to access the account information.

If the individual does not know the TSP account number or User ID, clicking on 'forgot your account number or user ID' leads to the Request TSP Account Number page, explains Military.com. When the person enters the social security number on this page, the TSP account number gets mailed to the address given in the account profile, usually within seven to 10 days.

If the account holder does not know the Web password, a new Web password can be requested by clicking on 'forgot your password' on the TSP website, says Military.com. The account number must be provided to obtain the new password, which is also mailed normally within seven to 10 days. The password for the TSP account cannot be reset online.

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