How Can You Access a Payroll Invoice or W-2 Using ADP's Website?

Employees of ADP client companies can access W2 and 1099 forms online after January 31 of each year via iPayStatements, according to ADP. Mobile access is available through the ADP Mobile Solutions app for Android and iOS phones and tablets. Login information is provided by the employer's Human Resources department.

Employees and contractors of ADP client companies can access W2 and 1099 information online in multiple ways, explains ADP. However, each employer chooses the products available to their employees, so the options for access vary by company. For employers who make access available through the Internet, the employer's Human Resources department provides each employee with the information required to set up an account with the iPayStatements portal.

Employers may also elect to make payroll information available via mobile application, allowing employees and contractors to access information on phones and tablets operating on Android and iOS platforms, notes ADP. Both the online portal and the mobile application enable viewing and printing of payroll information. Even if the employer is out of business, the company is still required to provide annual payroll documents in a timely manner, so W2s and 1099s may still be available via the ADP portal if the employer has continued that service. If not ADP, unfortunately is not be able to provide that information to employees.