How Can You Access Online Billing Statements?


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Online billing statements, such as those of Time Warner Cable, Sprint, Cox, Arizona State University and Quinnipiac University, are available on the websites of these institutions. To access your online billing statements, you need a personal account with a user ID and/or password that is available from your service provider.

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Procedures for accessing your online billing statements varies by institution. To view your Time Warner billing statements, login to your website account, go to the Overview tab and click Billing. Click on the statement you want to view (the website stores up to five past bills for viewing), and choose Download PDF. Sprint and Cox have similar procedures for bill viewing, except that on your Sprint Account you click on a See My Bill tab while on the Cox website you choose View Bill. As with Time Warner Cable, Cox presents your bills in PDF format, so you Adobe Reader in order to view your statements online.

Many colleges and universities have e-bills for tuition and other student expenses online. You usually access your school billing statements through your online student account or portal. Some universities, such as Arizona State University, only offer online billing and do not mail hard copies of bills to students.

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