How Can You Access a List of Properties for Sale With Back Taxes?


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Access a list of properties for sale with back taxes due by checking local newspapers for articles and announcements of upcoming foreclosure auctions as well as by contacting the county tax board to request a list of such properties. Some counties may also post this information on their websites or within the county courthouse.

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Each year homeowners must pay property taxes to the tax collection agency of the county in which the property resides. When the owner fails to pay these taxes, known commonly known as owing back taxes, the county issues a delinquency notice to the owner, which can lead to a loss of ownership for the property. If the owner fails to do so, the county tax collector typically posts notifications within local newspapers listing the properties for which it plans to sell a tax certificate. It is also possible to contact the county tax collector directly or visit the county courthouse to obtain a list of these properties.

This process typically happens annually in line with other state and county tax deadlines, and often includes a grace period during which the owner may pay the taxes without additional penalty. If the property goes up for a tax certificate auction, another party is able to purchase the debt on the taxes. If the property owner still fails to pay the taxes, then the tax certificate owner may take possession of the home.

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