How Can You Access ForwardHealth for Wisconsin?

Members access the ForwardHealth Portal with their username and password on the login page, notes ForwardHealth. Members must use a provided personal identification number and pre-created login ID when accessing ForwardHealth for the first time.

ForwardHealth is an online platform created to help manage the various benefits and health services programs available in Wisconsin, states the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Login for ForwardHealth is intended for providers, managed care organizations, partners, trading partners and members. Patients and beneficiaries use the ACCESS platform to apply for and check the status of their benefits.

  1. Locate the website
  2. Go to the ForwardHealth website. Scroll down the page to the list of user buttons. Click on the correct button to go to that user login page. For instance, clicking on "Partner" takes users to the Partner interchange, which is intended for groups like Katie Beckett Program Staff, Social Security Administration and Metastar.

  3. Enter the login information
  4. Look for the login form on the next page, usually on the right-hand side. Enter in the username and password. Click the "Go!" button to access the website.

  5. Login the first time
  6. Click on the "login" link on the upper right-hand corner of the main page of the site. On the next page, click "Logging in for the first time?" On the next page, enter the pre-provided PIN and login ID. Click on the "Setup Account" button to finish setting up the user account and access the ForwardHealth platform.