How Can You Access Filed Illinois 2013 Tax Forms?

How Can You Access Filed Illinois 2013 Tax Forms?

Find prior year Illinois tax forms, including forms for tax year 2013, by navigating to the Illinois Revenue Department's official website ( From there, click on Forms and then Individuals or Businesses, and then select Prior Years to see forms for previous years that are available on the site, notes the Illinois Revenue website.

Use the following steps to access previous year tax forms for Illinois filers:

  1. Navigate to the Revenue Department website for the state of Illinois
  2. Use any Web browser to navigate to the official website for Illinois Revenue Department at Click the Forms link from the Quick Links menu on the left-hand side of the page.

  3. Choose individual or business forms
  4. Select the Individuals link to find forms for individual taxpayers and couples, including couples filing joint and separate returns. Select Businesses if you operate a business in the state of Illinois and wish to access tax forms from 2013.

  5. Select Prior Years from the options given
  6. Click on Prior Years to find tax forms for tax years back to 1997. Alternatively, call the Illinois Revenue Department's Forms Order Line, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 1-800-356-6302 as of 2015.

  7. Choose 2013 from the listed years
  8. Click on the tax year 2013 to access forms from that year. Click on other years to sort returns by those specific years.

  9. Choose the form desired
  10. Click on the name of the form desired to pull up links for downloading that particular form. For example, clicking on 2013 IL-1040 pulls up the Illinois Individual Income Tax Return for 2013. Click the link titled Click Here to Download the PDF form to view the form as a PDF and print it.