How Can You Access Consumer Reports About Insurance Products?

How Can You Access Consumer Reports About Insurance Products?

Consumer reports about insurance products can be accessed through established consumer advocacy websites such as Consumer Reports and Consumer Search. Articles, information and buying guides for auto, homeowners, pet and life insurance products are available for free on both websites. Ratings for such products are also available, as stated on the companies' websites.

The following shows how to access consumer reports on the Consumer Search and Consumer Reports websites.

  1. Go to the websites
  2. Navigate to either website in a Web browser.

  3. Navigate to the insurance products
  4. On the Consumer Search home page, mouse over money on the left hand panel to select either Car Insurance or Homeowners insurance. Clicking on the selected product will open the Buying Guide page. On the Consumer Search page, click on the Family & Pets box to search for Life Insurance and Home & Garden for Auto and Homeowner insurance. Clicking on the preferred product will open the Best Reviewed product of the website.

  5. Browse
  6. Other tabs will also be available on the Buying Guide page. A product Overview tab may be opened on Consumer Search, while the Rating tab is locked and accessible only to members for a minimal fee, according to the website. Full Report and Buying Guide tabs are all accessible for free on the Consumer Search website.