How Can You Accept Credit Cards With Paypal?


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Accept PayPal credit card payments by posting a PayPal button linked to your PayPal account on your website. Scan a customer's credit card through the PayPal card reader to accept credit cards through PayPal in person.

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  1. Put the PayPal button code on your website to accept online payments

    Copy and paste the code offered by PayPal into your website's HTML code. Some platforms, such as Wordpress, have widgets specifically designed for pasting code into an existing website. The code is unique to your PayPal account to ensure that the money goes right to you.

  2. Use a PayPal credit card reader to accept payments in person

    Plug the card reader into your phone or tablet, and download the PayPal application. Swipe a customer's credit card through the card reader during the sale, just as you would with a point-of-sale machine, or manually type the card number into the app.

  3. Receive your money

    Check your account after the customer has paid through one of these two methods to ensure that the money has been automatically added to your PayPal account. You may also get automated alerts via text or email letting you know that a new transaction has posted to your account. Once the money has been transferred from the customer's credit card to your PayPal account, the transaction is complete.

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