How Can I Get $8,000 Dollars in Two Days Without a Job?

Personal loans, lines of credit, payday financing, and borrowing from friends or family members are the best ways to accrue $8,000 in two days without a job. Although procuring $8,000 in two days without a job is possible, it requires a strong credit score, available credit and/or a network of willing family and friends with substantial liquidity.

  1. Apply for a personal loan

    Personal loans from credit unions or commercial banks offer immediate funding to those in need. The application for a personal loan is filed online or at the bank and is processed within hour of submission. These loans possess fixed terms and fixed rates that vary based on the applicant’s credit history and credit score.

  2. Access a credit line

    Personal lines of credit provide quick access to a fixed amount of money. Credit lines allow users to access the funds in cash through cash advances made at ATM’s, through checks or inside financial institutions. Funds borrowed from credit cards can be paid back over time in fixed installments.

  3. Borrow money from family or friends

    Applying for financing from a payday lending source is not suggested because of the exorbitant lending rates. Asking friends or family for funds is a far better alternative. Contacting friends or family may be awkward or difficult but it does not put the lender at risk of predatory lending rates or at the mercy of unscrupulous debt collectors.