Where Can You Find a 24-Hour Check-Cashing Establishment in Portland?

7-Eleven offers check cashing services 24 hours a day at various locations throughout Portland, Oregon. There are around ten stores in the immediate Portland area from Milwaukee Ave (West) to SE Foster (East) and SE Hawthorne (North) to SE 82nd (South).

In addition to check cashing, 7-Eleven offers money transfer, free deposit of a check envelope, access to shared branching services, the option to send or receive money with MoneyGram and bill payment for subscribers of various cable, phon, and insurance providers such as Comcast, Direct TV, Dish, Geico, Sprint and T-Mobile.

First-time customers must complete a membership process when cashing a check, which includes providing information from their government-issued ID. The check deposit service is accessible to customers of over 1,000 banks and credit unions.

As of 2015, there are 7-Eleven locations at 6207 SE Milwaukee Avenue, 9111 Southeast Division, 9732 Southeast Foster, 9800 Southeast 82nd Avenue, 7501 Southeast 82nd, 7115 Southeast Powell, 8201 Southeast Powell, 4516 Southeast Hawthorne, 5311 Southeast 28th Street and 5136 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard. All locations feature a voice guide.

Other check cashing options in Portland include ACE Cash Express, Rapid Cash, Albina Community Bank and Keybank, although these branches do not offer 24-hour service to customers.