Where can you find 2014 federal tax forms?


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Taxpayers can visit the official website of the Internal Revenue Service to locate current and prior year tax forms and instructions, including ones for 2014, explains the IRS. The forms and instructions are available for downloading and printing.

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A taxpayer needs to first determine if he is an individual or business. Some of the common individual forms available on the Internal Revenue Service website include Form 1040, Form W-9, Form W-4 and Form 9465. Business forms that taxpayers can download include Form 941, Form W-4, Form W-2 and Form SS-4. All of the forms include instructions on how to complete them and are available to download in PDF format.

Individuals can also use the official Internal Revenue Service website to determine which forms to file. Generally, a taxpayer's status, whether it be single or married, determines what forms to file, notes the IRS. In addition, taxable income amount impacts the associated forms that require completion. Finally, once a taxpayer determines all of the appropriate forms, he can choose a filing option. The Internal Revenue service allows for both traditional paper filing and electronic filing. Taxpayers can view the associated instructions to determine how to file each specific tax form. The Internal Revenue Service also offers a direct phone number to call with any additional questions.

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