Where Can You Find the 2014 Federal Pay Scale?


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The United States Office of Personnel Management, or OPM, releases federal pay scale information and also has archived scales from 2014 listed on their site, according to the OPM´s website. The scales are issued by the Department of Defense before the coming year, usually in late December. While there are different kinds of pay scales for varying federal jobs, more than 70 percent of government employees are paid according to the General Schedule, and this applies to interns, entry level positions and supervisors; specific agencies like NASA and the Environmental Protection Agency follow their own schedules.

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The federal pay scales have been used since 1972 as a way to fairly compensate employees equally in the government. Every two years, the Department of Defense, or DOD, conducts a full survey of the private sector and adjusts government salaries so that similar jobs within the government are paid to reflect competitive salaries, according to the DOD´s website. During the year that a full survey isn't conducted, a "wage-change" survey is conducted and wages are adjusted from the findings.

Full surveys are conducted after hearings for input from the public and a list of private businesses to be surveys is compiled. Teams visit each establishment in person and report their finds back the DOD. When a "wage-change" survey is conducted, businesses are reached by phone to record any changes to their salaries.

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