How Can a 12-Year-Old Make Money?

A 12-year-old can make money by tutoring, giving lessons, washing cars, pet sitting, babysitting, doing chores and yard work, making and selling crafts and reselling possessions. Working with friends makes it possible to pool resources and reach more potential customers.

  1. Decide what services or products to offer

    Childrem should offer services or products they are adept at, such as tutoring in their favorite subject or selling delicious cookies that they make.

  2. Determine price

    Preteens must know ahead of time what they need to charge for their goods or services to cover the cost of their time and any materials.

  3. Advertise to potential clients

    Individuals must let customers know they are in business. Flyers, word of mouth, email and a Web page are all ways to quickly inform people.