Where Can You Get a 1040 Federal Tax Booklet?

Taxpayers can view the Internal Revenue Service's instruction booklet for form 1040 on the official IRS website, as of 2015. Citizens can also locate their nearest IRS office to find paper copies of the most recent booklet. The IRS website has past instruction booklets for form 1040, as well.

Taxpayers can view the IRS document in PDF or HTML formats, and then print the entire document or portions of the instructions. Segments of the 1040 booklet in HTML format get broken down into line-by-line instructions, tax tables, general information and TeleTax topics. The instructional booklet does not contain tax forms, as those documents are separate from instructions.

Citizens can view the IRS office locator by clicking on a state or territory, such as Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico. The locator lists the city, address, hours of service and local telephone number for each office. Each IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center does not take appointments. Users can click on Services Provided to see what each office can do. Services vary from office to office, and not every Taxpayer Assistance Center has the same level of service. Some offices help make payment arrangements, account inquiries and basic tax-law assistance. Each center refers taxpayers to no-cost volunteer groups and organizations that help people file taxes at the beginning of the year.