How Can a 10-Year-Old Make Money to Help Pay for Vacation?


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Running a neighborhood lemonade stand is a favorite money-earning method for young children with an enterprising spirit. Lemonade stands are easy to set up. Most are put up near the child's home. Parents can also help secure a busier location outside of a supermarket or mall. Lemonade is sold by the cup to thirsty customers, usually on hot days.

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How Can a 10-Year-Old Make Money to Help Pay for Vacation?
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Kids that love pets can offer pet-sitting services to family, friends and neighbors. This type of job requires the child to demonstrate responsibility for the general care and feeding of a pet. For safety reasons, it is a good idea to have all the sitting done at the child's home with teen or adult supervision close by to handle any emergencies. Dog walking is a related service. Children that are comfortable walking small- to medium-sized dogs on a leash could offer to walk neighborhood dogs for a fee.

Many homeowners hate doing yard work and are more than happy to hire a local child to assist in mowing the lawn, clipping bushes, raking leaves or shoveling snow. Kids can also look for opportunities to assist homeowners with small, easy tasks such as picking up trash or helping to paint a room.

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