What Does a Campaign Manager Do?


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A campaign manager coordinates all areas of a political campaign, including budget, technology, human resources, scheduling, marketing and fund raising. A campaign manager must possess good judgment and have excellent communication and organizational skills.

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A campaign manager is like an operations manager for a campaign; she takes care of all daily campaign operations. The position requires dedication and the ability to work long hours. In larger campaigns, the role of campaign manager can be stressful and fast-paced. There may be various other staff or volunteer positions within the campaign, but the campaign manager oversees them all. Ideally, the campaign manager should be able to perform any job duty she is asking of another staff member.

It is important for a campaign manager to be aware of countless details as well as to have an overview of the campaign's overall goals. The campaign manager works closely with the political candidate. In some cases, a campaign manager may also interact with the voting public either through personal contact or conducting polls. Most campaign managers have a bachelor's degree or higher. Political science degrees are ideal. Experienced campaign managers suggest volunteering in some capacity on a political campaign to gain experience before pursuing becoming a campaign manager.

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