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In Florida, a CAM license is a certificate stating that someone is allowed to practice the responsibilities of being a Community Association Manager. These responsibilities include the management of associations that grow large enough or require a sufficiently sized budget.

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Community association managers (at least those that require a specific license to practice) are found in the real estate business. They act as managers for condominiums, homeowner associations and other related groups. They provide vital services in managing funds, meetings, and other day-to-day services that the property or association would require of them. They only require a license when they are receiving compensation for their services, so volunteer managers are exempt.

A community association manager is distinct from an online community manager or a property manager. Online community managers can be found cooperating with businesses to provide help connecting with customers, often responsible for some measure of marketing and brand strengthening. Property managers are usually only responsible for the property they own, and do not usually require a license unless they need it for securing tenants for their property, in which case Florida property managers need a Real Estate License. The community association manager has more blanketing responsibilities over 10 units or more.

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