What Are Some California Renters' Rights?

Renters in California have the right to rent a dwelling that meets specific safety and health standards, and they have the right to reside in a structure that is in good repair. As of 2015, if a landlord does not make necessary repairs, tenants in California may exercise their rights either to withhold rent until landlords make the repairs or to deduct the cost of such repairs from their rent, according to Nolo.

California State Civil Code § 1941.1 and § 1941.3 mandate that all California landlords must offer habitable premises at the time a rental period begins. The Civil Code states that rental units must meet minimum requirements, including but not limited to a non-leaking roof, unbroken windows and functioning doors. All California rental dwellings must provide a working toilet and a working kitchen sink, and California renters are entitled to well-maintained floors, stairs and stair railings. California renters have the statutory right to live in a dwelling free of debris, filth, rodents, vermin and lead paint hazards, according to California Legislation Information.

Some California cities and counties enact ordinances that offer tenants additional rights. These rights may include rent control, anti-discrimination rights, nuisance regulations and noise regulations, as detailed by Nolo.