What Are Some California Postal Zip Codes?


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Some of California's postal ZIP codes include 90011 for Los Angeles, 90650 for Norwalk, 90201 for Bell Gardens, and 92335 for Fontana. These four ZIP codes belong to the most densely populated areas in California.

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What Are Some California Postal Zip Codes?
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California is one of the most densely populated states, with over 6,000 distinct ZIP codes. All ZIP codes in the state of California begin with the number nine, as that is the common designator for California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii and Alaska. The second and third numbers of the ZIP code indicate the service center responsible for the handling of mail in that area. California's ZIP codes are contained within the 900-961 range.

By knowing a particular ZIP code, you are able to search for important data within that area. For example, the ZIP codes with the largest income per household include 94027, Atherton, with an average income of $200,001; 94028, Portola Valley, with an average income of $164,479; and 94022, Los Altos, with an average income of $145,245, as of 2015. For these ZIP codes, the average resident's age is 48.3, 50, and 48.2 respectively. On the other hand, ZIP codes such as 90014 and 90013, both codes for Los Angeles, have an average household income of $8,633 and $8,855 respectively.

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