How Do You Get Your California Dental X-Ray License?

As of 2014, to obtain a dental X-ray license, you must successfully complete a radiation safety course. If safety training was completed before 1985, you may take the Dental Board of California radiation safety examination in lieu of coursework. Upon satisfying the requirements, an X-ray license is awarded.

  1. Enroll and pass an accredited radiation safety course

    Locate and enroll in a radiation safety course accredited by the Dental Board of California. To locate an approved program, review the list of current courses provided by the Dental Board of California. Radiation safety programs are available at community colleges, universities and vocational schools throughout California.

  2. Register for the radiation safety examination

    If the radiation safety course was completed prior to January 1, 1985, you may forgo additional training and opt to take the Dental Board of California radiation safety examination. The examination tests theoretical and clinical aspects of dental X-ray equipment. Contact the Dental Board for current examination requirements.

  3. Submit certificate of completion upon graduation

    Upon successful completion of the radiation safety course, submit your certificate of completion to the Dental Board of California. Refer to your training institution before submitting this certificate as certain programs automatically submit the certificate after course completion.