How Do You Calculate the Value of One Ounce of Copper?


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An up-to-date valuation of high-grade copper can be found on Nasdaq.com or through ICMJ.com, two companies that post the daily market value of the precious metal. In many cases, the value of copper is evaluated by pound, meaning the value of an avoirdupois ounce of copper would be one-sixteenth of the pound price. Factors such as the metal's condition as well as the buyer's rates also play into the value of a particular piece of copper.

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The value of copper is susceptible to many other economic variables, which can increase or decrease its value on an hourly basis. Additionally, businesses and individuals who buy copper may offer varying prices based on costs associated with processing or reselling the material.

A clean, high-grade copper will usually fetch a higher price from those buying the metal. Thin or tarnished pieces of copper will usually result in a lower price. Precious metals such as copper are often weighed using the troy ounce, an imperial measurement, which is roughly 10 percent heavier than an avoirdupois ounce.

Environmental analysts predict that the cost of copper could increase as demand increases and supply dwindles. The demand, and subsequently, the price of copper is largely tied to urban modernization, which uses the commodity significantly.

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