How Do You Calculate Your Taxes Using Georgia Taxable Income Tables?

To use the Georgia income tax tables to calculate your taxes, look up the bracket your Georgia taxable income falls under, and locate your tax amount under the column for your filing status, either single, married filing jointly, head of household or married filing separately. The Georgia income tax table is available in Form 511, which provides the instructions for Forms 500 and 500EZ, according to the Georgia Department of Revenue.

You can locate your Georgia taxable income on line 15 of Form 500 or Line 3 of Form 500EZ, as of 2015, states the Department of Revenue. If you make more than $100,000 in taxable income, add 6 percent of your taxable income that exceeds $100,000 to the amount on the table for income over $100,000 to calculate your tax liability, as of 2015.

Georgia residents must file a state return if the Internal Revenue Service requires them to file federal returns, if they have other income taxable in Georgia, or if their incomes exceed the amount of their standard deductions and personal exemptions, explains the Department of Revenue. Taxpayers must file their taxes by April 15. If taxpayers owe taxes, they must also submit Form 525-TV along with the tax form and documents. Taxpayers can also file electronically using free or low-fee electronic services, and a list of participating services is available at the Department of Revenue website.