How Do You Calculate Net Worth With a Worksheet?


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The websites for Vertex42 and Bankrate offer templates and calculators to determine a person's net worth. A calculation of net worth considers assets, liabilities and growth rates.

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The Vertex42 website contains an Excel template that lists assets such as cash, investments, property and retirement funds. Users group all assets into these appropriate categories, according to Vertex42. Common cash items include checking accounts, savings accounts and certificates of deposit. Investment items include securities or treasury bills. Property can include real estate or automobiles. Finally, retirement items can include employer pensions or Social Security amounts.

Users also group liabilities into their own categories. Common liability items are accounts payable, credit card debt, student loans, unpaid taxes and other money owed, notes Vertex42. The difference between the total asset and total liability amounts represents net worth. Users can download the available Excel worksheet from the Vertex42 website and fill in all of the data to calculate net worth.

The Bankrate website offers a net worth calculator that considers asset and liability growth as well as current asset and liability figures. Definitions for each item are available at the bottom of the page. Users can enter the respective value into each field and then view the associated figures and the projected net worth chart.

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