How Do You Calculate Mail Delivery Times?

How Do You Calculate Mail Delivery Times?

How Do You Calculate Mail Delivery Times?

Delivery times for the U.S. Postal Service depend upon several factors including size of the parcel, postage paid and distance traveled. First-class letters have average delivery times of 1 to 3 days, while Priority Mail Express sends letters and small packages overnight to most locations.

  1. Determine the origin of the mail

    Online sources through the Postal Service let you input the originating mail's zip code and then a map displays the delivery goals. For instance, first-class mail from New York gets delivered in 1 day to surrounding areas, 2 days in nearby states and 3 days to the rest of the United States.

  2. See where the mail goes

    After inputting the originating zip code, look on the map to view the destination. Color-coded maps assist you with first-class and priority mail delivery times. These times are goals, not guarantees. As of September 2014, Priority Mail Express features a money-back guarantee.

  3. Pay for postage

    Different services cost more or less money. First-class mail for letters is the least expensive option, followed by Priority Mail and then Priority Mail Express. You can pay for postage online or at postal stations.

  4. Track the package

    For extra money, you can track first-class letters with a tracking number on Certified Mail. Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express have tracking numbers already within the parameters of the basic service. When the mail tracker states the letter or package has been received by someone, the total amount of shipping time becomes known.