How Do You Calculate a Housing Benefit?


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Housing benefits for United Kingdom citizens can be calculated using the benefits calculators on sites such as Entitltedto or Turn2Us. Before starting, be sure to gather information about your finances, existing benefits and taxes. If additional help is needed, you can contact a welfare rights adviser for assistance with calculating housing benefits.

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  1. Gather your information

    To get a calculation of your housing benefit, you need accurate information about your savings and income as well as your partner's. Also, have information about your existing benefits and pensions, including those for anyone living with you. Get accurate information about your outgoings, such as your rent, mortgage, childcare payments and other expenses. You should also know the amount of your council tax bill.

  2. Use a benefits calculator

    Use a benefits calculator, such as Entitledto or Turn2Us. You may not use the calculators if you are under 18 years old. The calculators do not give accurate results for prisoners, students, non-British or Irish citizens, people on strike, people living outside the United Kingdom or people living permanently in residential care or a nursing home.

  3. Interpret the results

    A benefits calculator can tell you what benefits you could get, how to claim benefits and how your benefits are affected if you start to work. You can get a housing benefit if you are working or if you can claim benefits. If you rent from a private landlord, a slightly different calculation applies.

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