How Do You Calculate the Current Value of Your Savings Bonds?

Consumers can calculate the current value of their savings bonds by using the Savings Bond Calculator available on the official Treasury Direct website. This tool is accessible under the Tools tab on the website and gives consumers the ability to find the value of bonds in other months.

To use the Savings Bond Calculator, consumers must have the series and denomination of the bond. Also required is the issue date of the savings bond, which can be found at the top of the savings bond under the Series and above the print date. Once you enter all this information into the calculator, you simply need to click on the Calculate button to determine the current value of the savings bonds. Consumers that have more than one savings bond do have to enter each one individually.

If you want to see how much a savings bond was worth in a previous month, the beginning steps are the same, but you have to change the date in the "value as of" field on the calculator. This option allows you to view the value of savings bonds from January 1996 through the current rate period. You can use it to determine if the bond has increased or decreased in value over time.