What Is Buzz Marketing?

Buzz marketing refers to a marketing strategy employed by firms and marketing agencies to spread word rapidly about a novel product or service, using citizens as brand promoters. Buzz marketing essentially acts as corporate gossip, but instead of spreading news and information about people, it educates customers about products. Buzz marketing employs a word-of-mouth marketing program, utilizing many channels for communications, including social media, print sources and mobile devices.

While some companies take advertising and selling products entirely into their own hands, buzz marketing campaigns use citizens as sellers. Companies market products to select groups, such as people in certain age ranges or in specific geographic areas. Companies identify those groups as target audiences containing people most likely to consume and react to their products. After stimulating consumer interest, companies encourage customers to spread the word about their products. They ask for participation in online blogs, forums and social media sites. Companies respond to consumer inquiries and feedback, making customers feel valued. Buzz marketing works as a marketing tool for companies, provided they sell interesting and attention-generating products, and produce items truly better than similar products from competitors. Items typically targeted in buzz marketing include clothes, cars, electronics and other trendy consumer goods.