Is Buying Graphene Stock a Good Investment?


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There are no guarantees with stock investments, however, though it may be a significant amount of time before graphene products are commercialized, it does appear that graphene stocks in the LED and solar lighting products would be profitable in time, according to Forbes. The rest of the applications of graphene may or may not come to fruition, and if they do, it is likely to be too far in the future to benefit investors.

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The closet application of graphene can be seen in the "vapor deposition of carbon on copper sheets," reports Forbes. This application is being used as a part of the development of a water filter by Lockheed Martin with a prototype expected in 2015. Another closet application is that of graphene ink for circuitry in applications such as car seats, which is being explored by the company BASF SE. These appear to be the two closet applications.

Graphene is light yet strong, which is why it is able to conduct both electricity and heat with ease. It is a version of carbon that is crystalized and is being developed for possible applications with regards to ultracapacitors, solar and electricity, water filtration, water desalination and silicon nanostructures. It is an interesting technology that appears promising but may be years away from true commercialization.

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