What Are Some Buyer Interview Questions?

Questions for a prospective buyer should focus on his interactions with customers and the supply elements of the company conducting the interview, as well as more common interview topics regarding his interest in the company, previous experience and goals. One example is "Which is more important: the right item or the right price?"

Buyers occupy an important place in the operations of any business and interview questions should highlight the skills that successful buyers bring to the table: organizational agility, enthusiasm, interpersonal skills, and a thorough understanding of the materials and product they are procuring. A focus on techniques they would use and recommend for streamlining the purchasing process and interacting with suppliers is necessary, including specific details from their previous work experience.

Buyers tend to be conversational people, and an in-person interview is ideal for accentuating their strengths and getting a sense of their work ethic and experience. They interact daily with suppliers and can have a tremendous impact on overhead and the success of any business. The problems that they encounter can be avoided through intelligent planning, social finesse or quick thinking, and each buyer approaches these situations differently. A good "fit" is important, and a buyer should reflect the outlook of the company as a whole, presenting a unified front to suppliers and customers alike.