How Do You Buy Treasury Bills?


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The United States Treasury sells Treasury bills directly, or one may purchase Treasury bills from a broker, dealer or bank by visiting the location in person, notes TreasuryDirect. To buy Treasury bills directly from the U.S. Treasury, create an account with TreasuryDirect, submit a bid and make payment.

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Creating an account on TreasuryDirect is the initial step in purchasing bills through the U.S. Treasury Department. To do so, follow the steps below.

  1. Create a Treasury account
  2. Visit TreasuryDirect and click on the Open An Account link. Select the type of account desired and provide Social Security number, email address, and bank account and routing number. Select a password, password reminder question, personalized image, caption and security questions to finish creating the account. Log on to buy Treasury bills.

  3. Submit the bid
  4. After logging in to the account, click on the Buy Direct tab from the My Accounts page, and then choose Bills and click on the desired security to buy. Choose the amount of the purchase and any reinvestments to make, if any. Follow the prompts to finish the purchase. Bids on Treasury bills online are noncompetitive bids only. This means accepting the discount rate applied at the time of the auction, receiving the security in the desired amount. Competitive bidding is available only when buying directly from dealers, brokers and banks.

  5. Make a payment
  6. Specify the source for which to make a payment, notes TreasuryDirect. This source will also be used to deposit the proceeds of the bill at maturity.

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