How Do You Buy Stocks Online With No Fee?

To buy stocks online with no fee, as of 2015, open a new broker account with a fee-free online trading platform company such as Loyal3, or with a commission-free trading app such as RobinHood, notes Kiplinger. It is also possible to use a traditional broker, such as Fidelity, but the initial investment is high. The exact method for buying stocks online with no fee depends on the broker you decide to use.

To trade via Loyal3, open an account through the mobile app, and provide identifiable information such as your name and Social Security number, explains Kiplinger. Start buying stocks for an investment as small as $10 after signing up through the mobile app or online. Loyal3 focuses on IPOs or initial public offerings, and you can buy an IPO with the app for a nominal minimum purchase, without paying a commission fee.

To sign up with Robinhood, use the app to establish a custom PIN code or Touch ID, according to Entrepreneur. Robinhood does not collect any money per transaction as do other brokers, because it collects interest on cash balances and margin trading.

If you want to trade for free with Fidelity, open a Fidelity account, and deposit at least $100,000 to receive at least 500 trades without commission fees for two years, notes Fidelity, as of November 2015. The offer also applies to trades for exchange-traded funds, of ETFs.