How Do You Buy Stock Shares in Ford?


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To purchase shares of the Ford Motor Company, buy them through the authorized shareholder services company Computershare, states Ford. Additionally, stockbrokers and some other third-party websites also sell stocks, explains Investopedia.

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To buy Ford stock from Computershare, find the stock link listed on Ford's Investor FAQ and follow the steps. Computershare requires a minimum stock purchase equalling $500 or a minimum-automatic ongoing investment of $50, as of 2015, according to the company's website. Computershare offers IRA, Coverdell Educational Savings Account and Roth IRA options when purchasing Ford stock.

Most investors now use online stockbrokers, to buy and sell stocks and other securities, states Investopedia. Compared to traditional full-service stockbrokers, online brokers charge very low fees and allow transactions easily through their websites; however they do not offer the investment advice and personalized approach that many full-service brokerages offer. To sign up for an online broker to buy stock in Ford and other companies, you need to provide personal and address information, social security number and employment information, explains online stockbroker ETrade.

Other websites, such as GiveAShare.com, provide sales of individually framed Ford stock certificates. These websites generally charge a significant mark-up. For instance, in July 2015, the Yahoo Finance stock ticker on GiveAShare.com listed Ford stock at $14.51 while GiveAShare.com sold the stock for $80.

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