How Do You Buy Scratch and Dent Items From Sears?

Buy merchandise with scratches and dents from Sears by shopping at its outlet branch either online or in person as well as searching for damaged items on using the appropriate keywords, as of 2015. Another option is to visit a local Sears store to inquire about discounts on floor models or any other items with cosmetic damage., the online storefront for Sears' outlet stores, sells items that have varying amount of damage, are no longer available in the regular inventory or are out of the original packaging for a discount. The site does not always designate items that have cosmetic damage on individual product listings, though it does explain most special circumstances on products within its page. Customers can also locate items through the website and contact the physical store that carries them to inspect them in person. Online orders are often available for shipping as well as pickup from a physical location. supports searches for items with scratches and dents, though it does not maintain a dedicated section for such items. Customers should visit local Sears stores and speak to an associate about the ability to purchase a floor model, which may have scratches or similar marks from use by other customers. Some stores may also offer a damage discount on regular items that have issues such as holes in the packaging or dents or that are in some way less than perfect.