How Do You Buy Saint Petersburg, Florida, Real Estate?

buy-saint-petersburg-florida-real-estate Credit: Anne Rippy/The Image Bank/Getty Images

A buyer purchases real estate in St. Petersburg, Florida, by contacting a real estate agent, getting financing preapproval, looking at properties, and finally choosing a property to purchase. Buyers can preview property details and pictures on real estate agency websites before contacting an agent.

The St. Petersburg Multiple Listing Service at allows buyers to search for homes in the area that meet desired criteria. Search details include price range, property type and number of bedrooms, and location within St. Petersburg or neighboring communities.

A home inspector and an appraiser check and evaluate the home after a buyer makes an offer, and that offer may be contingent on the property passing the inspection and appraising for the offered price. Both the buyer and seller receives a copy of the inspection and appraisal reports. The buyer may change or withdraw his offer if the inspection shows significant damage, or he may ask the seller to complete repairs before closing. The lender may not finance the property if it does not appraise for the selling price.

The lender and real estate agent then arrange for closing at a title company. The title company ensures that the seller is the legal owner of the property. The buyer signs all of the documents required to transfer ownership of the property at closing, including finance documents.