How Do You Buy a Repossessed Mobile Home?


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To buy a repossessed mobile home, first secure land for the home and have the home inspected before finding the mobile home. Additionally, take precautions to protect yourself from the history of the home, as Home First Certified advises. Repossessed homes are homes that previous owners could not afford to continue making payments on.

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It is possible to secure land for mobile homes in several ways. These include renting a piece of land, renting space in a mobile home park and purchasing land, explains Home First Certified.

A home inspection may cost money upfront, but in the long term, it helps save money. If a professional inspects the home, you avoid potential liabilities and determine if the home meets recommended structural and building standards, according to Home First Certified.

To find your ideal mobile home, find a good auctioneer or dealer. This person ensures that you do not get exploited and that the sale goes smoothly. A good dealer shows you the flaws of the home and discusses the price with you, notes Home First Certified.

Since a repossessed home had an owner in the past, it has a history, and it is easy for damage done by a previous owner to transfer to the new owner. To avoid such potential liabilities, find out if the home has back taxes, overdue rent or back payments, as Home First Certified suggests.

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