How Do You Buy Remote Property in Alaska?

You can buy remote property in Alaska though state programs and from private sellers, says the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources. Homes and Land features property listings in Alaska and can help you find suitable real estate using the filters on the firm’s website.

The State of Alaska offers market-ready parcels of land for sale through auctions and accepts sealed bids. Only Alaskan residents are eligible to purchase such parcels. Properties are also available over-the-counter, which involves sales based on the appraised market value and on a first-come, first-served basis. You can purchase over-the-counter parcels, which are available to residents and nonresidents, by submitting an online application to the Department of Natural Resources.

Consider contacting the Alaska Association of Realtors to find a realtor who can facilitate the purchase process, says the State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources. Land sales are also available through the municipalities, cities or boroughs in Alaska.

On the Homes and Land website, you can find remote single family homes, commercial properties, land and lots. If you are looking for homes, sort listed properties by price range, total bedrooms and number of bathrooms. You can narrow your search using the advanced options feature, which lets you select included appliances, amenities, lot features and community.

View photos of listed properties, or get virtual tours of remote properties on the Homes and Land site. The site also features up-to-date market information of the local real estate market to help you determine the trends in a selected location.