How Do You Buy Philip Morris Stock?

To buy Phillip Morris stock, an investor must open a brokerage account and search for the Phillip Morris ticker symbol, which is PM, notes both the Houston Chronicle and Daily Finance. Investors can choose to trade on their own or employ full-service brokerage traders to manage their funds.

To start trading Phillip Morris stock, an investor must set up an online brokerage account through a platform such as OptionsHouse, Fidelity, Scottrade, Schwab or TradeStation, states both the Houston Chronicle and the Nasdaq website. These trading platforms all offer various commission structures and minimum deposit requirements. Investors must also determine how much capital to contribute to these brokerage accounts before purchasing a stock. There are different buy options to consider, such as a buy limit order, buy market order or buy stop order.

Phillip Morris trades under the stock ticker symbol PM and is on the New York Stock Exchange, notes DailyFinance. Investors can analyze the daily stock movement to understand the open and close prices, daily range, 52-week range, market capitalization, price/earnings ratio and dividend yield. In addition, DailyFinance offers the latest news and commentary related to the Phillip Morris company. Investors can find charts for Phillip Morris' top competitors to compare financial performance.